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While most trails are maintained, many still remain rugged, with steep climbs, weather-beaten culverts, and rocks that can be difficult even for the most experienced hikers.

Coon Creek, Islay Creek and Hazard Creek Trails take you through the wooded areas of the park. The four-mile (roundtrip) Valencia Peak Trail reaches the top of the peak and offers inspiring views of the central coast. The Bluff Trail brings you to overlooks above the coves and sea caves of the park.

Please remember: Dogs are not permitted on any of the trails in the park. Camping is allowed only in designated sites. Poison oak flourishes throughout the park. And it's a good idea to pack a picnic lunch and bring water, as there are no concession stands in the park.

Bloody Nose Trail
Hike through eucalyptus forest, manzanita grove, coastal sage brush, and seasonal flowers. Study geology. Meet in Montaña de Oro State Park at the intersection of Pecho Valley Rd. and Sandspit Rd., 0.8 mi. from park entrance. (*A) 3.5 mi., 3.5 hr.

Birding Islay Creek - Montaña de Oro
A hike up Islay Creek passes through four habitat zones: Conifer forest, riparian, chaparral and coastal scrub. Learn to distinguish seed eaters from insectivores and to identify the raptors. Twenty-five to forty bird species find a home here. Meet at the Visitor's Center, Montaña de Oro State Park. (*M) 2.5 mi., 2 hr.

Montaña de Oro Bluff Nature Walk
Take a pleasant hike along the Bluff Trail for magnificent views and likely looks at a variety of birds, plants and sea life. Binoculars helpful. Meet at Bluff Trailhead, 200 yards south of Visitor Center at Montaña de Oro State Park. With guest Tracker Dean. (*A) 4.2 mi., 3 hr.

Rattlesnake - Coon Creek Loop
Enjoy ocean views along the Rattlesnake Flats trail and return via a lush streamside environment. Contrast three natural communities: coastal sage scrub, chaparral and riparian woodland. Meet at parking lot at south end of Pecho Road in Montaña de Oro State Park. Bring water. (*A) 3 mi., 3 hr.

Reservoir Flats Trail
Enjoy hillside trails, sea views and lush creekside greenery. See a great variety of plants, many in flower or with fruit. Bring water and wear protective clothing. Meet at Visitor Center, Montaña de Oro State Park. Limit of 20. (*A) 2.2 mi., 3 hr.

100 Million Years at Montaña de Oro
Hike from recently deposited beach sand through the central part of the park to ancient Mesozoic metamorphic rock. Meet at Spooner's Cove beach parking lot below the visitor's center. (*S) 8 mi., 6.5 hr.

Corallina Cove's Lively Tidepools
Tidepool creatures live in a constant state of chaos in the intertidal zones where surf & turf meet. Learn about the special adaptations that allow animals to survive. Wear sturdy nonskid shoes, dress warmly. Meet at the Visitor Center, Montaña de Oro State Park. (M) 1.5 mi., 2 hr.

Round Trip to Hazard Peak
View sand dunes, uplifted terraces and stream-cut valleys. Examine shale outcrops to learn of the geological past of the park. Explore the coastal scrub community, spot creatures that make their home there and view seasonal flowers. Meet in Montaña de Oro State Park at the ridge trailhead, 2.3 miles from the park entrance. Bring water, a snack, binoculars, and wear sturdy shoes. (*A) 5 mi., 3.5 hr.

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